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Today, people have a direct way about online games. It is a funny mode of easy fun, with a lot of entertainment. Online games do not stand still in an entertainment industry. Every day online games attract a lot people with just one click.

In this current day and age, the most popular game is lottery and there are many choices of games. People say it easy and super safe to place their bets on the internet.

Grand Dragon Lotto is a popular 4 Digit Numbers game provider in Cambodia. This is a lottery with simple rules, where the more numbers people guessed, the bigger their winning. This lottery is enjoyed by people all around world, also very popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

It offers 5 betting choices to bet such as 4D BIG with all 23 winning results, 4D SMALL with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize numbers, 4D SINGLE A with first prize only, 3D ABC with 3 digit numbers against the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 4d prize number and 3D A with 3 digit numbers against 1st 4D prize number only.

Grand Dragon Lotto allows people to place their bets with a minimum funds start from $1 or other currencies and allows people to win lots of prizes in every draw. All your winnings are guaranteed to be paid quickly.

In addition to bet, it also offers a super bonus called Bonus Jackpot for its loyal players. It is super easy to play alongside your smartphone or tablet. Now you can play Grand Dragon Lotto anywhere, anytime!

Now you should never to visit lottery outlets at outside because professional representatives are ready and willing to help you quickly.

Before you start to place your bets, you need to register an account at 90agency.com. When you have successfully registered an account, you can instantly deposit funds online using online ibanking transfer, and then you’ll be able to buy your favorite numbers. Come and buy Grand Dragon Lotto today! And check your results online.

90agency is committed to ensuring its customer’s online payments processed under the most stringent security conditions. Online chat service is available from 11am-11pm (UTC +8:00).




90agency betting company is one of the leading betting companies working in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. 90agency betting company is offering ample services which include casino games, online poker, sportsbook, horse racing betting, lotteries, baccarat and much more. Are you looking for some place which can offer you great casino games, casino betting, lotteries and much more fun? If so, then you have reached out the best place on web. 90agency betting company as the top rated betting company really cares for your betting needs. Do you want to see real lotteries and those magical lottery tickets which can really make you rich? Your wait is over as 90agency betting company is giving its players and customers a direct access to the betting account of vegas128. Vegas128 is one of the biggest online lotteries, 4D and Toto Betting companies which you will find on web. Vegas128 is offering attractive cash bonuses and lottery promotions for its customers. Vegas128 is giving its customers a special function of Whatsapp for 4D and Toto betting. Through this you will gain an instant access to 4D and Toto betting being performed at Vegas128. The 1st prize given by Vegas128 is SGD $4000 as 4D payout. This is called as big prize. The 1st prize regarded as small prize is SGD $3000 as 4D payout. SGD $65 is the Toto payout for number 2. SGD $650 is the Toto payout for 3 number and SGD $7500 is the Toto payout for 4 number.

As a matter of fact, vegas128 is really a great place for playing your luck at 4D and Toto lottery games. You will truly love your stay here at Vegas128. 90agency betting company is offering its services 12/7. The working hours of 90agency betting company are from 11am – 11pm. Vegas128 is offering its services 24/7. The company’s services are available for your service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Now there is really no need of getting in a hustle of getting registered with 4D and Toto betting account as 90agency is offering you the best services for getting registered with vegas128 account. The customer care operators of 90agency betting company are really cooperative and supportive. They will get back to your query as soonest as possible. They will guide you in best possible way they can. All you require is getting registered with 90agency betting company’s account of vegas128. Sign up today and get yourself trolled with the best lotteries, 4D and Toto. Come and try your luck.



ma.King118.com takes advantage of our wide selection of 4Dgames with many of forecast operators in Southeast Asia.  With the availability of many lotteries gambling and games, we make betting easier than ever before. You can make a live bet on 4 Digit Lottery and Toto Singapore game at the comfort of your home on our high-tech betting platform and make the most of the entire 4D lottery online.

ma.king118.com is one of the largest and highest reputable gaming companies of Singapore and it runs many lotteries including the most successful 4D and Toto lottery game. Many people across Singapore prefer to play 4D and Toto game to any other lottery game. 4D small or big can be simultaneously played and if you are playing the game for the first time, ensure to give yourself a chance to win abundant of SGD on your bet.

Playing 4D and Toto lottery online by visiting our website can give a thrilling experience from all perspective. You can select the four digits and start your bet with a single SGD $1. So, if you bet SGD $1 on a single number, you can win up to SGD 3000 especially if you play for small and can win up to SGD 2000, if you play for the big game. The beauty of the game is that you can try all permutations at a single SGD bet. So, select four digits of your choice and select a particular combination to bet on and relish the fruitful results.



People from all around the world want to make money quickly and easily and lottery games are one of such medium to fulfil their dreams. Online 4D lotteries offer great opportunity to the people wants to give a try to see their luck. rws388.com allow people actively participate in these games and enjoy the advantages.

Online 4D & Toto lotteries Singapore are the most popular lottery game in Singapore. rws388.com is a legal lottery operator overseas which allows you to participate in the game which is mainly based on statics where you bet on numbers and if your numbers is matched from the given statics, you have more chances of winning and getting cash prizes.

The standard 4 digit Singapore lottery game proffer you an opportunity to pick a 4 digit number out of a range of numbers from 0000 to 9999 and you win the lotto if your 4D number matches one or more of the winning 4D numbers drawn. You can choose to play the 4D lottery game using either big or small forecast with a minimum bet of SGD 1.

Playing 4D & Toto lotteries Singapore through our website can benefit you to get lots of cash prizes in one time betting and losing your opponents with extra points. We give our players beneficial information about 4D games and its wining techniques.



The rise of the online betting model breaks time and space constraints and gradually changes the betting habit of traditional lotteries to physical shops.

Mobile betting has grown enormously today and it is no coincidence, if the various bookmakers now offer a mobile application for Android or Windows to do online betting, it’s really not a coincidence. Indeed, the best mobile application offers very nice possibilities to really bet anywhere.

This is really the strength of mobile apps for online betting. Indeed, often you will not be home when you want to make a lottery betting. In fact, since the mobile application launched years ago, you can really do it any time and that’s why mobile application online lottery betting sites are so successful.

Mobile applications for lottery betting on Android is even more interesting since 2017, almost all open bets allow you to bet live. In fact, the experience is much more enjoyable if you have the best Android application to bet online.

Malaysian TAB88 is a superior version of SBC88 and has been completely re-built from the ground up for Android to give players the ultimate mobile experience. This new betting system offers you a variety of lottery games including: 4D, 5D and 6D games to bet on.

Indeed, at TAB88 all players particularly enjoyable to bet at any time and just a few clicks and seconds directly from their smartphone. An easy way to access to your lottery betting game! It’s easy to buy lottery tickets online at TAB88. No more long queues and no more wasting time.

Here at TAB88, all mobile applications allow you to open your account in just a few minutes. All pages are perfectly adapted to open your account, without having to download the application. Once your account is open in just a few minutes, you can start betting online directly from the mobile application.

In addition to this, you can obviously spend all your bets from your mobile. This is as simple as from the computer and will not take more than a few minutes. Similarly, you can deposit and withdraw your fund directly on our best mobile application. No matter where you are and whatever you do, you can spend all the bets you want at any time and from anywhere, which is really very useful.

Our customer service team are available to help our customers 12/7. Our customer service committed to providing exceptional quality service. Contact us by using our contact form phone, or a live chat.




The lottery is changing rapidly. The most lotteries in the past were very limited, in that participation was for those who lived in certain districts. Online lottery is more convenient than a physical lottery shop. The main reason is the internet has made it possible for punters to enjoy any lottery game they demand without leaving their daily activities.

Some of these lottery shops claim that it is fast and quite simple to buy lottery, in fact you have to stand in a line and wait for long time. But if you buy lottery tickets online, no more long queues and no more wasting time.

IDR333 is a leading gaming operator in Indonesia. They have been operating for many years. This lottery operator is the right partner if you plan to play 4D game. They focus on 4D game brand such as Singapore 4D for local punters. They have spent five years to complete the full preparation of the market including in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

In this 4D game you have to pick a 4-digit number selected from 0000-9999 for the relevant draw. You are not only allowed to place bet big and small but both. Of course, you have flexibility to bet on both big amount of IDR2000 and small amount of IDR1000 for this lottery game. This game draws three-times in a week on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays before 6 p.m.

Buy lottery tickets at IDR333 is fast and very secure and only needs a few clicks and takes at least two minutes. Believe it or not, online lottery increases your chances of winning.

So if you are a lottery enthusiast, choosing the online lottery solution is perfectly reasonable, because for online lottery you are so comfortable and active playing for the day of technology as today. Play anywhere and any time. We don’t care where you are or what device you prefer to use, or what lottery game you want to play in. We offer our customers the best quality and service to meet your needs.

Dedicated to presenting the first class and most professional online lottery game service, we at 90agency make sure to provide our customers with the most exciting lottery draws.

At 90agency, we take our customers’ privacy and security seriously. We use SSL encryption to protect your information. So enjoy security and privacy with our online lottery every week. We want our customers to have some fun playing our games. Finally, feel the thrill with the online lottery product we provide, wish you a good win.



Lottery games have been popular since they were first invented, and the reason is not only because they are so easy to buy but also because of the possibility of winning big cash.

Over the past few years, the lottery industry has grown more and more with each and every day and tons of lottery sites have emerged making it possible for everyone to play in the most profitable lotteries in the world without leaving home and making every lottery accessible to everyone.

Nowadays, online lotteries are very popular in Indonesia. It is quite simple and the best way to play. It’s much easier to go to the operator’s website and all players have equal chances to win, but for players it is not necessary to take supernatural actions: you just need to buy a ticket for a symbolic amount of money.

The well-known Indonesian lottery platform, 638D, has received a global traffic ranking so much beyond than expectation. For many years, this lottery platform is actually enjoyed by many punters including Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, etc. The main product of 638D is the 4D game.

Here at 638D, we offer players very popular 4D games including Singapore 4D, Malaysia 4D and many more to bet on. The most common way players pick their lucky number is by using personal birthday, phone number, house street number, predicting numbers, etc.

With 638D you don’t waste your time by visiting an outlet, filling in a paper slip, and eventually waiting in a line up at the cash desk. You can buy online anytime, mornings, and evenings night time. You choose when you want to play and there is no need to download new apps.

Why you should buy lottery tickets at 638D?

  • Buying a ticket and playing in the game takes literally two minutes
  • You can play from any place
  • You are allowed to place bets big and small or both
  • Your chances of winning are very high
  • We provide a safe and secure environment for our players

We are committed to ensuring that we take care of your needs and to delivering quality of betting products for our potential customers. Experience online lottery with easiest way and win big every week with us.

At 90agency we are dedicated to building long lasting relationships. We will do this based on exceptional customer service, enthusiasm, integrity, for our company. Join the thrill of lottery at 638D now!




Believe it or not, buying 4D lottery ticket online is quite simple. It is really safe and legitimate to play at a secure and trustable online betting company than a physical outlet. You can play at anytime and anywhere without to leave your daily routines.

It’s important to find the right online lottery platform so you can ensure you have all of the fun that is being offered before placing your bets. Whether you play in a comfort home or outside, you will discover the variety of lottery games that are available to you.

SBC88 has been operating since 2011, providing lottery tickets to punters living around Johor Bahru in Malaysia. It is also known in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries in Asia as the best place to play.

We provide our clients with a safe, reliable and convenient way to enjoy the most popular licensed Malaysian lotteries including Magnum, Damacai, Toto 4D, Sabah 4D, Sandakan 4D, etc.

Playing 4D game is very simple and it s much like the other lottery games, choose your favourite four-digit numbers from 0000-9999. Then decide your bet type; big or small or you can play both. You are allowed to place your bets $2 for big one and $1 for small in this game.

This game draws every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. In addition, there are special draws which are held on selected Tuesday. We track the results of online runs and notify winners within a few minutes, while earnings are credited instantly.

From now on, just forget about the lottery outlets and play lottery online. It’s more convenient and more comfortable to place your bets at SBC88.

Technology is more impressive than ever before. The technology is not limited to the devices that you play on. Here at SBC88, we use HTML5 technology which ensures that 4D lottery games can be played on any PC, smartphone and tablet.

We at 90agency know how easy it is to choose a licensed agency of lottery tickets when you are constantly busy. That’s why we here tried to do this easily, giving the opportunity to play the lottery online from your PC and mobile phone.

Our dedication to the interests of users and the pleasure of results leads to a high level of customer satisfaction. We are also dedicated to our clients at delivering excellent entertaining game atmosphere, reliably, then securely.



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